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Exclusive Hot Properties in Spain

From our office in Costa del Sol where we have company directors on the ground we are able to help International property buyers and Investors in many ways. Some of services include the following.

Buying the Best Property in the Spain

Very simply we offer our International clients the best of both worlds in that we have proven experienced local knowledge on the ground as well as international expertise from having made many different transactions throughout the world.

If you need to buy a stunning luxury villa on the beach or just want to acquire the best real estate available for Investment our local team will be able to help you.

Golden Visa

For those of you who don’t live in the EU you can make Spain your new home simply by investing 500,000.00 Euros in Spanish real estate. This will entitle you to Permanent Residency which can eventually be turned into Citizenship.

Exclusive Hot Properties in Spain

Setting Up a Business in the Spain

Very simply our professional directors can help you with the set up your company structures in the most tax efficient manner possible. We only use the very best Lawyers, Accountants and professional advisors to make sure your company structure is 100% safe and secure and the very best you can have in the Spain

We also have the best connections to the right Government bodies to assist all your needs in relation to setting up a business in Spain.

Commercial Leasing and Rental requirements

If you’re looking for the right office premises for your business or you need to find your newly recruited Ex-Pat staff the right quality accommodation so they can focus on working 100% for you without any issues then our professional local team can help you with access to the very best residential and commercial properties available in the local market.

Exclusive Hot Properties in Spain

Asset Management

If you’re an investor and already own assets in Spain or just acquiring them then our team of professionals can offer you the complete asset management services including property management and project management here in Spain

These are just a sample of the key services that Exclusive Hot Properties Spain provides and should you need any further information do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Exclusive Hot Properties Spain
Urbanizacion Alhambra del Mar, (Milla de Oro)
Centro de Negocios Tembo
Bloque A, Oficina 9
29602 Marbella

Email: spain@exclusivehotproperties.com

Tel: +34 952 111 331

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