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Off Market Commercial Investments

Very simply the word "Off Market" really means that something is for sale but not publicly for sale. This could be a Hotel, Commercial office building, Shopping Mall, Holiday Resort, Residential property portfolio or anything similar.

Owners of these types of assets approach companies such as Exclusive Hot Properties to privately find a buyer for these assets without alerting the general public these assets are for sale. There can be many reasons for this but if we look at a Hotel as an example it is pretty clear you wouldn’t want your customers to know that the hotel they are staying in that they really like is for sale. This would be similar for Resorts. In the commercial sector the reason could something as simple that they do not want their competitors to know that they are disposing of certain assets and have that used against them.

Another reason for marketing their assets "Off Market" is that the owners want to have potential buyers screened and assessed to make sure they are suitable potential purchasers and have the financial resources to complete the sale of their asset.

Why Should your Register for Off Market Commercial Investments?

In very simple terms by registering with Exclusive Hot Properties you will get access to all the best off market property deals as they become available these commercial Investments include but are not limited to

  • Hotels, Restaurants and Vacational Resorts.
  • Commercial Office Buildings and unfinished projects with potential large profits
  • Residential Property Investment Portfolios and Unfinished Residential Property Developments.
  • Private businesses and special businesses such as Sports clubs.

There may be offer off market commercial investments not mentioned above but this is the core part of our business.

What We Expect from our Clients when they Register for Off Market Commercial Investments

In simple terms anyone who registers and wishes to be kept informed will need to have a free consultation by phone with one of our commercial executives so we can assess your needs and requirement and complete our Due Diligence on you as required by our vendors. Once that has taken place we can then clear you to receive off market property deals representing some of the best opportunities in the business.

Once we get into specific transactions you will be asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and provide Proof Of Funds so the vendors know you are in a position to complete the purchase and that you’re legally bound not to disclose the "Off Market" commercial Investments.

Jumping through these hoops is a small price to pay for the chance to access opportunities that you would never know existed previously.