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Off Market Private Property

Very simply the word "Off Market" really means that something is for sale but not publicly for sale. This could be a Hotel, Commercial office building, Shopping Mall, Holiday Resort, Residential property portfolio or anything similar. Another reason for marketing their assets "Off Market" is that the owners want to have potential buyers screened and assessed to make sure they are suitable potential purchasers and have the financial resources to complete the sale of their asset.

The Benefits of Registering for Off Market Private Property

In very simple terms you get access to certain properties that you would never get access to from just searching the internet and you get to deal with very serious real estate people that will help make your dreams a reality.

What we Ask of Our Clients who Register for Off Market Private Property

In simple terms we arrange a 10 minute phone call from one of our property executives who will go through your needs and property wishes and then earmark if any of our private properties would suit your requirements. They will also ask you some basic questions that will satisfy our owners that you are in a position to buy should want to do so after seeing the property. In essence it’s simple Know Your Client Due Diligence.