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Investor Benefits

When you become a client or even potential client of Exclusive Hot Properties you benefit from a range of Investor service not widely available anywhere else and these include: Because our background is that of Ex Pats who have travelled to new countries and gone through some of the frustrations of understanding how those countries work our aim is to help people like ourselves avoid all those problems and buy safely and securely normally buying in a country for the very first time. We concentrate on three major areas which are:

Investor Market Research

In simple terms this is our core business we look after international property buyers and help them buy safely and securely in the new they plan to live or plan to buy property as an investment or a holiday home. We take these through the whole buying process of that country as each country is completely different. We help them find their ideal property and we work with every reputable agent on the ground in each country we do business to find the perfect property or investment for those clients.

Each client's needs and requirements are completely different so we sit down with each client before we go on to the property viewing stage to make sure were all pulling in the same direction and to make sure we can deliver what our clients want. At the end of the process we then go through the options with the clients and offer our recommendations and let the client decide which property to go for. Some clients take our advice and some clients completely ignore it but in this case we always put on record their buying a property against our advice. At the end of the day was just trying to the thing for our clients as our existing clients are the biggest source of new business for us through referrals and additional new business.

Investor Extra Care

We are all different. We all have our own different plans, aspirations and ideas both now and for the future. Let Exclusive Hot Properties help to identify the correct investment opportunity suitable for you. We really like to get to know our client especially as everyone is different, one maybe a hardened investor and one may be investing in property for the first time.

The element of risk a client wishes to take may be greater than another and so on. It's only when we get to know you that we can really give you the quality of service that you really deserve.

Before offering you any property opportunities, our team (through face-to-face or telephone based consultation) will question and listen to your needs closely to build up a crystal clear profile as to what you are looking for. This personalized approach is what sets us apart from our competitors and is one of the primary reasons why so many clients choose to buy with us again and refer us to friends, family and business associates.

Finance and Mortgages

We work with leaders in the field when it comes to non-resident international property financing.

As part of our packaged service, we work alongside the very best financing partners who can assist our clients in leveraging their capital and maximizing their returns on investment.

Our mortgage partners take the necessary time to understand your personal requirements and business goals, advise you in your own language and in your own time zone. Furthermore, they set a high value on providing a consulting service independent from banks and other providers - offering you the very best mortgage products available without any underlying bias.

This is what we expect from the partners we work with these professional people are what our investors deserve and like us will always put you first.