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Nick Stuart Founder | Exclusive Hot Properties

My story begins in Spain in 2002 when I moved there to change my life and got totally frustrated with the buying process and the system for getting things done and basically thought there had to be an easier way for people buying for the first time in Spain especially those who had aspirations to come and live in Spain like some good friends of mine were thinking about. Little did I know what a piece of cake that was when compared to buying in South East Asia.

So Spanish Hot Properties was born in 2007 with our business model to help international clients who had never bought in Spain before and help them relocate and generally make it much easier to fall in love with what is a wonderful country and amazing people

The past,present future

In 2012 Spanish Hot Properties started to work with international clients who did not have an EU passport to obtain them the so called “Golden Visa” by investing 500,000 Euros the client would get residency in Spain that could eventually lead to Citizenship. Since then Spain has been surpasses as other EU countries now offer Citizenship by Investment where for the right investment you go straight to passport without having to do residency first. Exclusive Hot Properties now are specialists in this field and have evolved into an Immigration and Real Estate specialist. Exclusive Hot Properties also offers Citizenship by Investment products from most of the Caribbean countries.

I lived in Spain until 2014 when I moved to the Philippines and set up Philippines Exclusive with the same blueprint we had in Spain, hoping to help International property buyers buy in the Philippines in as stress free manner as possible. To be fair the Philippines presents a lot more challenges than Spain but as an ex colony of Spain has a lot of similarities. Using our Immigration model we now help people obtain a Philippines retirement visa that has many tax advantages for ex-pats.

In Summary

Being based in Asia I got to know Thailand which is almost the Spain of South East Asia and decided that we should let the world know about this wonderful country as well and so rather than set up Thailand Hot Properties our new Worldwide website Exclusive Hot Properties was formed so our clients only have to go to one site to find the best solutions in Philippines, Thailand, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and so on.

We want Exclusive Hot Properties to be different to other international real estate companies so whilst copying the blueprint of Spanish Hot Properties we have set ourselves some important ground rules which include the following: