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Wealth Management in South East Asia

At this present time we offer this unique Wealth Management service to Ex-Pats and International clients based in South East Asia only. The reason for this is very simple it's only in Asia we have Financial Consultants with the necessary degree of experience and expertise to assist our clients.

Our Directors have a wealth of experience of the Financial Services industry going right back to 1987 and can make sure our clients get the very best advice possible. Most importantly we will make sure only the best performing and most tax effective products are given to our clients.

All our products originate from Off Shore providers thus making it the best solution to start with. Each individual circumstance is different depending on their Nationality and the rule of that country. An example of this would be a UK citizen would get much more benefit from the products being offshore than a USA citizen. Our wide range of products and services include the following:

Capital Investment

This is for clients who have a lump sum of money big or small and would like to invest it with a view to getting a bigger return on their investment than they currently get in the bank. Your Independent Investment Advisor will tailor your investment portfolio depending how risk adverse you are literally from Zero risk to Bitcoin risk.

Inheritance tax planning

In very simple terms we can make sure that any investments, Life Assurance or Savings Plans are written into trust and paid out via trustees thus avoiding inheritance tax in most countries of the world. Each individual client needs will be different and therefore the need for a face to face consultation so we make sure you are getting the best advice for you the client.

Savings and Investment Plans

Either on an annual, monthly or single premium basis our investment advisors will help you tailor the plans for your personal needs. Some of you may want to do it for School fees or Children's university planning, some of your to save additionally to top up your retirement or something that is very specific to you. This is why a personal consultation is important to make sure you end up with the right product that is tax efficient and gives you the best possible return depending on your investment risk requirement.

Are we unique?

We will let you decide that but we believe we are the only company that can offer you real professional real estate expertise, Immigration expertise in relation to visas and second passports and the highest quality wealth management service. In reality all these services are interlocked with each other and should all be taken into account when you make your financial plans for the future.

If you would like a free consultation to discuss your personal needs please just fill in the contact form and we will arrange for one of our financial consultants to contact you.